Laura (frikin_weirdo) wrote,

ok people

Ok people, I have a lot to write about so I'll do it in the

order it happened first- Nick and Clarrissa came over the day

before I left for California. I just had got out of the shower

so I ran into my room and got ready in 5 min. And when I got

out there we pretty much did nothing. I was also really taken

back when I saw that Clarrissa had braces. she always had

really fcked up teeth but I never thought her mom would

actually have paid for them to be fixed! So anyways, we had a

lot of uncomfortable sliences, but the funniest part was when

we walked around the house where my bastetball net is and

Nick found a birdnest. I was resting in the top of my carport

and he looked in it and through it at me. Of course I

screamed, and he's all, "god Laura, don't freak out, theres

nothing in it." But when I looked down the was a baby bird in

it. I freaked saying that he through a dead bird at my, and

he kicked it under my dad's tire. I was all confused untill he

said, "tomorrow morning when there leaving for work scream

and say that they killed it. It was really funny! But that

was about the funniest thing that happened. We used to have

lots of fun togther... So I don't know whether to call or not.

I don't want to pretend forever. Hey, and weren't him and

Clarrissa fighting?
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