Laura (frikin_weirdo) wrote,

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How I'm going to die

Sheesh, There are Crickets everywhere- I looks left there’s a cricket, I look right

there’s a cricket. IT”S CRICKET CRAZY!!!!!!! And you know what? I woke up this

morning and there was one right in front of my face. But that’s not what bugs me- I have

3 cats in this house. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING? Well, right now my

whore cat is raping me again. Anyways, that’s off the subject but you can read about my

whore cat in previous entries. Ya, so I have 3 cats sitting on there asses. We take care of

them, isn’t this what cats do? Eat stuff so we don’t have to buy bug-be-gone? God, so

now because I have a cat that’s an ass, a cat that’s a dog, and a cat that’s a whore I’m

going to be eaten by a firkin cricket in my sleep! Thanks guys, why don’t you do eat your

me. Maybe if we stop feeding the cats they’ll eat em’. Or- maybe not
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