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1) To see any InuYasha those people with the freaky eyes over the ocean make

2)read every INTRESTING book known to man

3)Learn how to spell better

4)Learn how to write

5)Write a book and make millions

6)If I do not acomplish the book, Win the lottery.

7)spend it all on myself and then send a postcard to everyone I hate, the postcard will say........'Haha, you poor loser'

8)get a nose job

9)Never be depressed

10)Have the guy of my dreams without ever getting in a fight, and he'll never get old, and be so loyal to me he'll follow me around like a puppy, and if no guy like this exists, I'll just make one!!!!! All I need is some glue, glitter, crayons, and paper!

11)Get a life and stop making goals for myself.
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