Laura (frikin_weirdo) wrote,

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My clone dream

I was thinking, what if we have clones??? Like- some weird sicence somewhere and when you go to donate blood they clone you??? Omg! and then they'be another sexy you! But what if one day your friend runs into your clone and they fall madley in love and mini you breaks your friends heart and then they'll hate your clone thinking it you? Or if you find out about them and you try to tell someone and they think your crazy and your locked up forever????!!!! OR your clone murders someone and they blame you? The possiblities are endless people. So if they have a nother sexy you out there what would you do? Me- I would go and sell her on the streets. OOOOO heres another idea, what if theres a male clone of you out there and you have sex and you have a baby and your the mother and the father? How do you explain that to your kid? He's messed up already from being inbreed- I mean- the kid would put a gun to your head and ask you to rub your belly button counterclockwise three times or something. So my advice: WATCH OUT FOR YOUR CLONE!!!!! THEY MIGHT BE ANYWHERE!
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